PADI AWARE - Shark Conservation Diver


Sharks are essential predators for the correct balance of the ecosystem of seas and oceans. Unfortunately they are a very vulnerable species with one out of four shark species being at risk of extinction. Learn about sharks and what you can do to help preserve them‚ by enrolling now in a PADI AWARE-Shark Conservation course with Evasioni Blu Diving Resort in Ustica and Isola delle Femmine (Palermo‚ Sicily).

PADI AWARE - Shark Conservation Program

What you will learn during your PADI AWARE-Shark Conservation course:

  • Why sharks are in danger
  • Why sharks are important for general marine life
  • What are the threats for this species
  • What can we do to help the shark
  • How to be an AWARE diver while diving and minimize the negative effects you could have on the underwater environment

The PADI AWARE - Shark Conservation course is divided into two main parts:

  1. Knowledge development (individual and classroom study).
  2. Two dives in open water to practice being an AWARE diver.

PADI AWARE - Shark Conservation Prerequisites

  • (Junior) Open Water Diver
  • Minimum age of 12 years

Credit/Certification PADI AWARE - Shark Conservation

At completion of your course you will receive your PADI AWARE - Shark Conservation Diver specialty certification. This certification can be credited as an adventure dive for your PADI Adventure Diver or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

Characteristics of
PADI AWARE - Shark Conservation Diver
  • Type: Course for divers
  • Duration: 1 day with classroom lessons and open water dives
  • Qualification: PADI Shark Conservation Diver specialty certification.
  • Requirements: + 12 years, (Junior) Open Water Diver
  • Cost: € 120.00



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