Canaloni di Isola delle Femmine

The dive starts at zone B close to the "islet" of Isola delle Femmine‚ on the north-west side. Here we descent on a rocky bottom at 20 meters and then move towards the west‚ descending up to 30 meters. Hereafter there is a possible descend to 35 meters from where a series of canyons start with walls rich in sea fans and ravines. A small shrimp cave hides in this rocky wall. Often you can encounter sea morays‚ octopuses‚ lobsters during this dive.

Characteristics of the dive
Canaloni di Isola delle Femmine

Certification Requirement: AOWD

Recommended Certification: Deep Diver

Difficulty Level: Medium - High

Depth: 18-40m

Duration: 30-35 min



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