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Evasioni Blu Diving was founded in 2017 by Esther de Kruijf and Rino Amodeo. After years of experience in different diving centres of Palermo and Ustica‚ the time had come for us to start our project. The idea was to set up a high quality PADI Dive Resort in the vicinity of Palermo‚ the city where Rino was born‚ grew up and live all his life. We chose to establish this dive centre in Isola delle Femmine‚ a charming small fishermen’s village‚ strategically located just between Palermo’s city centre and the airport and lying within the Marine Protected Area of Capo Gallo-Isola delle Femmine.

The ingredients we used for this new diving centre were professionality‚ safety‚ environmental awareness‚ personal attention‚ tailored made PADI diving courses taught by dedicated PADI instructors‚ new and reliable scuba diving equipment and modern spacious dive zodiacs. A fully equipped diving centre that provided all necessities and comforts that divers need.

Evasioni Blu Diving soon became a success and already reached the PADI 5-star recognition and upgraded to an IDC Dive Resort within a year. But the greatest satisfaction for us were the smiles and happy faces of our customers.

Our next step? To reveal to you “the Mediterranean’s best kept secret”: Ustica!

Three years after the beginning of our adventure‚ we are able to fulfil our biggest dream and to open a dive centre location in Ustica‚ also known as the diving capital of the Mediterranean Sea. In 2019 we obtained the accreditation to be able to operate in the Marine Protected Area of Ustica and we started our preparations for our new dive centre location: a new office‚ a new zodiac dive boat‚ new diving equipment. We are investing everything to create a dive centre that offers you the best.

We have always believed in a very simple thing: Investing in happiness is never wrong. Scuba diving is our passion and diving in the wonderful worlds of the Marine Protected Areas of Ustica and Isola delle Femmine makes us feel happy. Being able to share this beauty and happiness with others through diver training‚ guided dives and protection of the seas makes us simply feel blessed!


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Rino Amodeo
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