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As a baby I was constantly drawn to water so much so that I was once barricaded into a room as to stop me from dropping into the pool. As I child I swam for an elit swim team. As a teenager I decided to venture into deeper waters. I was motivated to do so at the age of 14 on a language course that put me in the South of France in Nice. It was nerve-wracking. For my first two dives I was put in the shallows but by my third dive I was told to enter by laying back on a boat. But as soon as I saw the bright clear blue waters contrasting with red starfish and corals I was truly sold to diving. 

A whole world that upon that point had been completely invisible to me. Now it was apart of my world and I would not be forgetting it. I then started diving in the North of England which was quite the contrast to France. With dark murky cold waters with wrecks and sunken planes. But I loved it. I later worked as an intern and claimed my PADI Divemaster certification. 

I then a couple of weeks later got a job in Jordan as a diver in the Red Sea. I decided to take it and ventured into what was to me the complete unknown. It was a success. It inspired me to push forwards in life and to not take the straight forward easy and “apparent” route or option. To inspire women such as myself to dare to take the lead and to dive into new and great experiences.

Now I have decided to return to the waters joining Evasioni Blu Diving. A brand new journey begins here in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea!


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