Dive Center Ustica

Dive Center Location

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Evasioni Blu Diving Ustica is strategically located at the charming fishermen’s harbour “Cala Santa Maria” of Ustica‚ within walking distance of the village centre of Ustica island and the majority of the accommodations‚ bars and restaurants it offers and just a few steps away from our diving boat.
The dive center is fully equipped with bathrooms‚ changing room with shower‚ storage space for personal equipment‚ multimedia classroom‚ rinsing zone and a relax zone with refreshments and little Sicilian treats you can enjoy between your dives.



Dive Center Boats

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Evasion Blu Diving Ustica owns a rubber zodiac boat MASTER DIVING 775 with powerful and reliable engines that is approved for a maximum of 20 divers. Our diveboat was designed to be a safe vehicle for any sea condition‚ comfotrable and spacious. It is powered by powerful and reliable 250 CV Suzuki engine. It is equipped with a partial roof‚ a cylinder rack‚ plenty of stow space for diving equipment and comfortable ladder at the stern for an easy exit from the water. First aid kits and DAN oxygen kit are alway present on board. Each dive spot can be reached within 15 minutes normal speed navigation. 




Dive Center Scuba Equipment

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It is important to have well-maintained‚ reliable and high-quality scuba equipment while diving. We are a MARES dive center and offer all necessary diving equipment for rent to our customers. The scuba equipment is high quality and perfectly well maintained according to international standards. The air tanks used are 10L‚ 15L or 18L‚ double valves and with connections for both DIN and INT first stages. Nitrox is available on request.





How to reach our Dive Center

Ustica island lies only 60km north from the city of Palermo and can be reached by a hydrofoil or ferry boat. Hydrofoil transfers are available 2-4 times a day to and from Palermo (depending on the season) and take approximately 90 minutes. Ferry Boat transfers leave daily to and from Palermo and take approximately 180 minutes.

The closest airport is Punta Raisi Falcone Borsellino Airport of Palermo. From the airport you can reach the port of Palermo either by private taxi‚ shuttle bus or train.

By private taxi is the quickest‚ but most expensive way; duration of about 30 minutes‚ costs around €40 (do confirm the price with the taxi driver before leaving).

By shuttle bus is the most economic option with a cost of around €7‚ but takes the longest with a duration of about 60 minutes; take the stop at Via E. Amari n.170 Politeama and from there walk 200m towards the port.

With the new trainline that has been introduced in 2018‚ the train connecting the airport and the city of Palermo is a reliable and economic option to consider as well‚ with a cost of around €6 and a duration of 50-60 minutes; take the stop of Palermo Giachery and from there walk 300m towards the port. The train station is located directly inside the airport.

If you wish for us to book your transfers‚ we can offer you a complete transfer package. Just contact us and ask for this option.

At your arrival at Ustica island our staff will be waiting for you at the hydrofoil and ferry arrival to welcome you to the island. The B&B’s and hotels of Ustica take care of your transfer to your booked accommodation. 


Scuba equipment shipment

You can have your scuba equipment luggage shipped to our dive center in Ustica before arrival. Request this service with us in advance to make sure your luggage will arrive in time.


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