Minion De Kruijf - Life Guard Dog - Member #007

When I was just a few weeks old‚ Esther already threw me in a bath full of water. I wasn't that enthusiastic about it‚ but when I realized that I received cookies as a reward for demonstrating my swimming skills‚ I started to enjoy the game. A few months later‚ these swimming skills proved to be useful when I followed some ducks with a little too much enthusiasm and ended up exploring the Dutch ditches‚ ponds and lakes from up close. My first real baptism in the sea took place in Ustica in the summer of 2015. My swimming and rescue techniques developed very well here; every time Esther went into the water to swim a little‚ I had to follow her because she risked to drown. It is thanks to me that she is still alive! By applying a good pain stimulus by violently scratching my nails on her back‚ I kept bringing her back to life!

Also Rino must be grateful for my rescue efforts. When we go to sea by boat‚ I keep a close eye on all those strange people in black with those tanks on their backs and raise the alarm if I know they have been under water too long. What would Rino do without me! When I'm on board‚ everything is under control. He thinks a German shepherd would be better‚ but he doesn't understand that those of my breed‚ Jack Russell‚ are "simply the best"!

After years of accomplishing an honorable career‚ Rino and Esther have decided to promote me in the field as commander of my own small boat. This must have been a reward for all the good work I have done for them as a Life Guard Dog!

If you want to admire me‚ you can sometimes meet me at the dive center‚ as long as I have not been sent on an important mission. If you are lucky enough to meet me‚ I’m warning you to keep the necessary distance‚ I have my moods ...


Rino Amodeo
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