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Get to know the marvelous sea of the Marine Protected Area of Ustica in a simple and fun way by practicing snorkeling. Enjoy the view in the transparent water‚ the pleasant water temperature‚ the unique morphology of the seabed and the presence of various types of marine flora and fauna. Beautiful and enchanting is the show that presents itself to the eyes of a snorkeler; you can admire clouds of salema‚ octopuses‚ moray eels and starfish hidden among the rocks and Posidonia. Or venture into one of the surface accessible caves such as the Grotta di San Bartolomeo in Ustica. Enjoy the light and colour spectacles and brilliance of the sea that are formed around these rocky landscapes of nature reserves of Ustica.

Maximize your adventure with the guides of Evasioni Blu Diving Resort!

Let us guide you in these idyllic places by one of our experienced marine guides. After a small and interesting briefing of the history of these places we will guide you on your aquatic tour indicating the particularities you shouldn’t miss out on and spot marine life. It is recommended to use expert guides like the staff from our dive resort to guide you on your snorkeling experience‚ but you can also choose to go snorkeling in complete autonomy.

No snorkeling experience? No worries!

If you don’t have any snorkeling experience‚ don’t worry! You just need to know some basic knowledge and skills. You can follow our PADI Skin Diver program‚ which in just one hour teaches you the information and skills needed to snorkel. After a short lesson in the water‚ you can immediately start enjoying the underwater beauties in all your comfort as a snorkeler. Find out more! 

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