Parete dell'Ancora

This dive site is located on a rocky seabed that starts with a double rim and breaks down into a wall starting from a depth of 16-18 meters‚ running parallel to the coast in direction up to 35 meters of depth. The rocky substrate is encrusted with coralligenous formations and algae at points of poor exposure to the current. On the other hand‚ the presence of plankton and anthozoan colonies is noticeable in the current points. The dive is characterized by the presence of an old tuna fishery anchor that can be found just at the beginning of our dive.

Characteristics of the dive
Parete dell'Ancora

Certification Requirement: AOWD

Recommended Certification: AOWD

Difficulty Level: Medium - High

Depth: 25-35m

Duration: 40-50 min



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