Parete del Faro


This dive site lies in the area of the lighthouse of Capo Gallo. The dive begins near the coast on a depth of about 5 meters‚ following a small ridge that points north-east and that drops down to 20 meters depth. This dropdown forms a vertical wall resting on a sandy bottom. This beautiful dramatically formed ridge is interesting and full of surprises. Fish sightings are frequent mostly bream‚ salpes‚ moray eels‚ octopus‚ cuttlefish and with a good look on the sand and you can spot numerous soles.

Characteristics of the dive
Parete del Faro

Certification Requirement: Scuba Diver

Recommended Certification: OWD

Difficulty Level: Easy

Depth: 10-18m

Duration: 40-50 min



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