Parete del Cavalluccio


This dive starts of with a descent on a rocky plateau at 18m which‚ moving towards the North-East‚ leads to an amphitheater formed of rocks with a depth varying from 20-25m. This amphitheater runs along a wall rich in ravines and burrows where it is possible to encounter lobsters‚ octopus‚ hinges and moray eels. Also for macro lovers you can find species of different kinds of nudibranchs and snails. Continuing the dive offshore‚ you come to an area with large boulders at a depth of 30-35m where with a little luck you might encounter bream and pelagic fish in the blue.

Characteristics of the dive
Parete del Cavalluccio

Certification Requirement: AOWD

Recommended Certification: Deep Diver

Difficulty Level: Medium - High

Depth: 18-35m

Duration: 30-40 min



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