Grotta dell'olio


Situated right into the wall of the great mountain of Capo Gallo natural reserve‚ in the center of a small inlet a semi-submerged cave can be found. The dive starts just in front of the cave at a mixed sandy and rocky bottom of 14m depth and leads through some exciting passages towards the cave. Sponges‚ crustaceans and molluscs find shelter among the splits and cracks of the walls. The environment is suggestive with light effects created by sunlight playing around rocky formations of arches and passages. This dive site is one of the best known dives on the Palermo coast. It is really pleasant and easy dive to do which reveals an amazing underwater landscape.

Characteristics of the dive
Grotta dell'olio

Certification Requirement: Scuba Diver

Recommended Certification: OWD

Difficulty Level: Easy

Depth: 10-18m

Duration: 40-50 min



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