Franata di Barcarello

In the proximity of Barcarello‚ in the middle of a natural reserve‚ a stretch of rocky ridge grows out from the coast towards the sea pointing to the North East. From here a landslide starts underwater from a few meters deep that descends down to over 30 meters of depth. The whole aquatic area is interesting and fascinating as it is characterized by rocks mixed with posidonia and cracks‚ where encounter with reef sea life is possible. A look in the blue is worthwhile during this dive to be able to intercept some specimens of pelagic fish while hunting around this zone.

Characteristics of the dive
Franata di Barcarello

Certification Requirement: Scuba Diver

Recommended Certification: AOWD

Difficulty Level: Easy - Medium

Depth: 10-30m

Duration: 40-50 min



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