Dive Center Isola delle Femmine

Dive Center Location

Evasioni Blu Diving has two locations in Isola delle Femmine; at the Hotel Resort Sirenetta (Viale dei Saraceni 81 Isola delle Femmine PA) and from June 15th to September 15th you can find us on the platform of sailing school "Isola del Vento" (Via dei Villini) located at the small harbour of Isola delle Femmine. The dive center located at the Hotel Resort Sirenetta in Isola delle Femmine is fully equipped with storage space for personal equipment‚ rinsing zone‚ multimedia classroom‚ changing rooms with bathroom and shower. All confined water lessons from the PADI courses are conducted in the hotel’s swimming pool; available every day and every moment. Open water lessons and diving take place at diving locations at sea and can be reached by boat. Our zodiac rubber boat departs from our second dive center location on the platform of Isola del Vento‚ located at the small harbour of Isola delle Femmine.

Dive Center Boats

Evasioni Blu Diving owns two comfortable and spacious rubber zodiac boats‚ one 7.5m and one 8m zodiac with powerful and reliable engines. Each dive spot can be reached within 15 minutes normal speed navigation. Both zodiacs are equipped with a partial roof‚ an air tank and scuba equipment rack and a ladder on the stern of the vessel for an easy exit from the water. First aid kit and DAN emergency oxygen kit are always present on board.






Dive Center Scuba Equipment

It is important to have well-maintained‚ reliable and high-quality scuba equipment while diving. We are a MARES dive center and offer all necessary diving equipment for rent to our customers. The scuba equipment is high quality and perfectly well maintained according to international standards. The air tanks used are 10L‚ 15L or 18L‚ double valves and with connections for both DIN and INT first stages.








How to reach our Dive Center

The diving center is only 15 km away from the city of Palermo. If you are coming by car from Palermo‚ following the A29 motorway towards Trapani‚ take the Capaci-Isola delle Femmine exit. You can also reach us by train from Palermo central station or from one of the various stops the train makes on its way to Punta Raisi Falcone Borsellino Airport. You can also decide to take the bus from Palermo city to Isola delle Femmine.


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