PADI Re-Activate


Are you a certified diver but haven’t been diving for a while? It may be helpful to review your diving knowledge and skills by following a PADI ReActivate program with Evasioni Blu Diving Resort in Ustica and Isola delle Femmine (Palermo‚ Sicily).

PADI ReActivate Program

The PADI ReActivate program offers an individual review of the theoretical knowledge of diving and scuba diving skills with one of our PADI professionals. During the practical session in the water we help you to regain your confidence‚ your control of your skills and your comfort during the dive.

PADI ReActivate Prerequisites

(Junior) Scuba Diver.

Credit/Certification PADI ReActivate

By completing your PADI ReActivate program successfully you receive a PADI replacement certification with the new date of completion of the PADI ReActivate program.


Start you PADI ReActivate now!

Sign up for the PADI ReActivate Online E-learning course‚ to have immediate access to the manual and to the videos integrated in a single online learning guide‚ or contact us to sign up directly at our Evasioni Blu Diving Resort. 

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Characteristics of
PADI Re-Activate
  • Type: Course for divers
  • Duration: 1 day with lessons in the pool or at the sea
  • Depth: 18m
  • Certification: PADI replacement patent with ReActivate renewal date
  • Requirements: (Junior) Scuba Diver
  • Cost: € 80.00




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