PADI Skin Diver

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If scuba diving is not your kind of thing‚ but you still want to enjoy the wonders of life beneath the surface‚ skin diving or snorkeling might be just the right experience for you.

PADI Skin Diver Program

The PADI Skin Diver course  of Evasioni Blu Diving Ustica - Palermo ( Sicily ) offers you basic information about snorkeling and free diving equipment‚ underwater environment and biology‚ problem solving and safe snorkeling. Practical in water training includes various techniques useful for wearing and adjusting the equipment in the correct way‚ entering the water‚ controlling buoyancy‚ swimming on the surface‚ clearing the snorkel from water and returning to the surface without effort.

PADI Skin Diver Equipment

Your PADI Skin Diver experience includes all the equipment you need.

PADI Skin Diver Prerequisites

To participate in the PADI Skin Diver course you must be at least 8 years old and need adequate swimming skills.

Credit/Certification PADI Skin Diver

A certificate of participation is given to candidates who complete the course.

Characteristics of
PADI Skin Diver
  • Type: Course for beginners
  • Duration: 1 lesson (briefing + exercises in the pool or at the sea)
  • Depth: 1/10 m
  • Credit: Certificate of Participation
  • Requirements: +8 years
  • Cost: € 100,00



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