Pietro Chiaramonte - Dive Leader *** - Member #000388

From an early age I loved to spend my time admiring the blue vastness that surrounds my city. I started rowing at competition levels‚ because it was the only way to always could stay in touch with the sea and experience it to the maximum. In 2015‚ after years of activity "above" the surface‚ I approached the new world of diving that fascinated and interested me so much that it completely took over me.My experience started in a small diving center where with the help of a good friend I started to learn all the tips and tricks of diving: from equipment maintenance to handling small boats‚ from making a simple knot to even handling a boat in an unfavorable sea condition. I spent a lot of time diving and while enjoying myself‚ I learned all the tricks of the trade.With a lot of goodwill‚ after a long journey‚ I obtained all the necessary certifications that led me to be a Dive Leader today.In 2018 I met Rino and Esther and I started working with Evasioni Blu Diving‚ a PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Resort.


Rino Amodeo
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