PADI Fish Identification


"What fish was that?" Recognizing what swims and lives under water while diving is a fun experience for anyone with an interest in marine life. This course focuses on the identification of fish families. Join a PADI Fish Identification course with Evasioni Blu Diving Resort in Ustica and Isola delle Femmine (Palermo‚ Sicily).

PADI Fish Identification Program

What you will learn during your PADI Fish Identification course:

  • The families of fish found in the Mediterranean Sea
  • The characteristics of these families and species of fish
  • Techniques and strategies to recognize them
  • How to protect marine life with Project AWARE

The PADI Fish Identification course is divided into two main parts:

  1. Knowledge development (individual and classroom study).
  2. Two dives in open water to put into practice the skills of fish recognition

PADI Fish Identification Prerequisites

(Junior) Open Water Diver.

Credit/Certification PADI Fish Identification

By completing your course you will receive your PADI Fish Identification specialty certification. This certification can be credited as an adventure dive for your PADI Adventure Diver or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

Characteristics of
PADI Fish Identification
  • Type: Course for divers
  • Duration: 1-2 days with classroom lessons and 2 open water dives
  • Qualification: PADI Fish Identification specialty certification
  • Requirements: (Junior) Open Water Diver
  • Cost: € 190.00



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