PADI Boat Diver


Boat diving is relaxing and fun and it offers you the possibility to dive in places that are not accessible from the shore. There are so many types of diving boats‚ from rafts to luxurious yachts‚ each with different rules and procedures. Learn all about them and register now for a PADI Boat Diver course with Evasioni Blu Diving Resort in Ustica and Isola delle Femmine (Palermo‚ Sicily).

PADI Boat Diver Program

What you will learn during your PADI Boat Diver course:

  • The advantages of diving from the boat
  • Maritime terminology
  • Types of boats
  • The procedures used in the boat and with boat diving
  • Safety on board and how to act in case of emergencies

The PADI Boat Diver course is divided into two main parts:

  1. Knowledge development (individual and classroom study)
  2. Two open water dives to practice diving skills from the boat

PADI Boat Diver Prerequisites

(Junior) Open Water Diver

Credit/Certification PADI Boat Diver

At completion of your course you will receive your PADI Boat Diver specialty certification. This certification can be credited as an adventure dive for your PADI Adventure Diver or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

Characteristics of
PADI Boat Diver
  • Type: Course for divers
  • Duration: 1 day with class lessons and 2 open water dives
  • Qualification: PADI Boat Diver specialty certification
  • Requirements: (Junior) Open Water Diver
  • Cost: € 190.00



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