Evasioni Blu Diving Resort

Evasioni Blu Diving Resorts at Isola delle Femmine‚ Palermo‚ offers numerous dive sites‚ at variable depths‚ with the possibility of planning different itineraries at almost every dive spot.

Most of the dives take place within the marine protected area of Capo Gallo – Isola delle Femmine‚ which offers various sites for both beginning and experienced divers.

We also organize dives between Porticello and the Zingaro Reserve‚ where there are famous dive sites (Secca della Formica‚ Lo Scarpone‚ wrecks such as Kent and Capua).

The diving agenda is organized according to the needs of our guests and the choice of the site.


Diving program:

Our zodiac leaves for the dives from the small port of Isola delle Femmine.

During the summer season (15 June - 15 September) we leave directly from our Dive Center location at the "Isola del Vento" platform‚ Via dei Villini‚ Isola delle Femmine‚ adjacent to the small port of Isola delle Femmine.

During all other months‚ we leave by zodiac from Via Monterey‚ Isola delle Femmine.

Daily program:

08.30 am Registration at the Diving Center

09.00 hours First Dive Exit

11.00 am Registration at the Diving Center

11.30 am Second Dive Exit

3.30 pm Exit Third Dive (upon reservation)

7.30 pm Night Diving Exit (on reservation)

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