A place you must visit during your holiday in Sicily is Erice. Erice is a site of unforgettable beauty‚ an ancient Phoenician and Greek city‚ perched more than 700 meters high on mount Erice. The top plateau of this mountain overlooks the surrounding fields and coastlines.

Since 1963 Erice has been the head location of the Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture and therefore the town has been given the nickname "city of science".

In 2014 it was awarded the red flag as the most beautiful village in Italy.

Defended by ramparts and walls‚ the city is a maze of cobbled streets and narrow passages. The houses‚ built very close to each other‚ have pretty and well-kept internal courtyards.

In ancient times‚ Erice was known for its temple where the Phoenicians worshiped Astarte‚ the Greeks Aphrodite and the Romans Venus. Mount Eryx served as a reference point for navigators of which Venus soon became the protector and at night‚ a large fire lit in the sacred area served as a lighthouse.

Erice shows its splendor on hot summer days‚ when the light floods the narrow streets and wonderful views open onto the valley and the sea. You can admire the Gulf of Trapani with its salt production fields and the stunning view on the Egadi islands‚ or admire the Gulf of Bonagia with its deep blue sea and Mount Cofano in the background.

It is thanks to its enchanting beauty that Erice is a popular destination for those who want to spend their holidays in Sicily.

The medieval atmosphere‚ the fresh air‚ the beautiful pine forests that surround it‚ the tranquility that reigns there and the local craftsmanship make it one of the preferred destinations for tourists.

Not to be missed are the typical Erice sweets‚ including the Genovese‚ born years ago from the expert hands of cloistered nuns and now well known as a typical Erice pastry.

To visit:

  • Venere Castle of Venus
  • Ici Cordici Museum
  • Torretta Pepoli
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